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BorgWarner DualTronic Dual Clutch Now Available !

  1. Performance: With its dual-clutch design, the BorgWarner DualTronic ensures rapid, smooth, and efficient gear changes. Say goodbye to the jolts and delays of traditional gear changes and embrace a driving experience that's smoother than ever.

  2. Efficiency: Dual clutch systems are known to be more fuel-efficient as they reduce the power loss that can occur in traditional automatic transmissions. BorgWarner's design stands out in ensuring that your vehicle gets the best mileage and performance.

  3. Durability: BorgWarner's reputation precedes them. Their DualTronic Dual Clutch Modules are designed for longevity..

  4. Innovation: The DualTronic technology represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering, combining the best of both manual and automatic transmissions.

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